Today Is Another Day For “Warren G Day”

I CAN DREAM CAN’T I – Or is that going to be the next level of rights stripped away from good folks? I just want @nest to build single-car destination-based UXD + AI (User Experience Design + Artificial Intelligence) parking spots all over the country to increase this whole Great Migration during the next 3 years of the Trump administration.


In the whole expanse of this #WordPress design and implementation thing (despite the potential homicide of an earlier editor of parent PostNuke be news among these types?), is very few explanations of how to use the system if #disabled or #homeless. Shouldn’t the correct #STEM, #CS implementation of these barricades to billionaires operating systems and content management systems be focuses on improving the literacy of our disabled, who are often given a checkmark in classrooms for simply being present and parent-teacher platitudes given.

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  1. Is there a slim chance that some plazas can form Micropayment sustainability networks in the parking areas of our favorite restaurants to reduce pollution and improve order times? How tables + tablets + HOCKEY CARDS ARE BACK

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